Design a Safe Information & Cyber Security Program
to fit your business requirements.

Planning and executing an Information & Cyber Security management program that meets your security, compliance, legal and business requirements can be complicated.

The Cyber Security strategy and assessment services offered by DIGITAL-INNOVATION will provide a high-level achievable roadmap align with your business requirements.

We can help you improve your business Information Security Posture across the enterprise by focusing on what matters to your business, market and your customers.

Expertise to tackle
your toughest Information & Cyber Security challenges

Digital Innovation’s executive team ensure best practices in our implementation of an Information & Cyber Security program including the strategy, governance, and solutions.

We know that proper management of an Information & Cyber Security practice includes the appropriate synergy with the business processes and governance model.

Our professional services are aligned and adapted to deliver high-end quality Information & Cyber Security program.

Our professional

Compliance Security

As criminals shift their focus towards small businesses, Our compliance tools provide an edge to protect you and your sensitive data.

Identity & AccessManagement

Our State-Of-The-Art Framework for businesses can facilitates the management of electronic and digital identities. Our Intelligent Framework includes the organizational policies for managing digital identity and access management.

Data Protection

We take the protection of your personal data very seriously. Our Safe and Secure measure ensure that client data is only available to and accessed by authorized users.

Single Sign In

With Single Sign-on you don’t need to worry about forgetting your password and login credentials anymore.

Automatic Provisioning

It takes you week, or even days , to provision new systems, You’re holding up applications your business needs. Accelerate provisioning with our most advance Automated Provisioning of Infrastructure.

Role Based Access

Role Based Access control helps you manage who has access to resources, what they do with those resources, and what areas they have access to.

ISO 27001 Certification

We’re proud to present best known standards requirements for an information security management system.


To protect shareholders and the general public from accounting errors and fraudulent practices in enterprises. Binnovation is 100% compliant with SARBANES-OXLEY Act.

End-To-End IAM Partner

Secure sensitive digital data need an additional security layer. We’re End-to-End IAM Partner which means safeguarding your data by protecting who has access to the systems.

What we Value and Belief?

We believe in transparency in our dealing with customers, partners and team members. This approach will provide for stronger relationship and respect.
Success cannot occur without the strong relationships built along the way.
New technologies and strategies secure lucrative investments for our clients.
Continuous market insight sourced from trusted partners expedites and secures acquisition.
Creating and maintaining long-term investments maximum returns for our clients.
Value-added investments build properties, adding value to surrounding neighborhood.

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Digital Innovation

We are a firm that wants to predict, anticipate and innovate toward the technological needs of its customers.Our key consultants are security, Identity & Access Management and compliance experts.


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